Barlow Township, Washington County

This website is provided by the Barlow Township Board of Trustees for the convenience of our local citizens. We hope it will make it easy for you to find vital information and to keep updated on what is happening in Barlow Township. Barlow Township is located in Western Washington County, approximately 13 miles west of Marietta, Ohio. The township officials are three trustees and a township fiscal officer who are elected to four-year staggered terms, one trustee and fiscal officer being elected in one odd-numbered year before the presidential election and the two remaining trustees being elected two years later. The trustees’ main responsibility is the maintenance of township roads and ditches. They also provide fire protection, snow removal, trash removal, and care for cemeteries. The township officials also serve as financial officers of the township and help prepare the annual budget.

Meetings – Regular meetings of the Barlow Township trustees are on the second Monday of each month at 9:00 A. M.  The meetings are held at the township hall on Warrior Drive and the public is welcome at all public meetings.

Mission Statement – The mission of Barlow Township is to provide quality service to our citizens through leadership, openness and support to facilitate the efficient and effective operation of our township government.